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The Good Soldier trailer online

Soldier.jpgI came across this trailer for the documentary The Good Solider and was instantly engaging. I'm a huge supporter of our troops, politics and everything else aside, and I always find the real people's stories of being a soldier incredibly moving and fascinating, as well as being educational for all.

The Good Soldier is a film that follows five combat veterans from different generations of wars either led by America or involving American soldiers, looking at how and why they joined, their journey into combat, how that combat changed them and what they think it means to be a good soldier.

We need to understand more of what it is to be a soldier and asked to fight for your country and its people, what war really is about on an individual level, and how it affects these people we expect to walk in and out of it like any other job, and The Good Soldier looks like it might well go some way to giving us that.

You can see the trailer for The Good Soldier right here:

While I think it has the potential to deliver a strong message I'm not that keen on the trailer which could do a better job in delivering the story of some of the soldiers and the power of what they're going to tell us. It's good, but it could be stronger.

I also wonder if the focus on American soldiers will limit its appeal. It may not be the place in this documentary, and there may be a call for another, but chosing five different soldiers from different armies could give us an even more powerful view of what we expect from our soldiers and what war does to a person.

Regardless, The Good Soldier has the promise of a very powerful film.



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