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The Howling Reborn gains writer and director

TheHowling.jpgIt was back in July of 2006, believe it or not, that a remake of The Howling was first talked about, and now it appears that there's an actual move to get the film made, and remake it certainly sounds like as the title is The Howling Reborn.

At the American Film Market a mock-up poster was seen for the film along with a writer/director attached to the project, and the unfortunate news is that it's not Joe Dante as was once hoped.

The Howling from director Joe Dante, adapted by John Sayles and Terence H. Winkless from the novel by Gary Brandner, tells the story of a news reporter who has had a traumatic and near fatal meeting with a serial killer, is sent to a retreat to recover and try and overcome the psychological problems she's suffering.

She's sent to a place called The Colony, a retreat and community where the serial killer came from, and once there she finds that the terrifying secret that the killer was in fact a werewolf from a colony of werewolves, and they don't want to be discovered.

It's a good film, although the sequels are far from able to keep up with the original, the question will be is the remake going to remake this original, or the sequel? Will it leave the memory of the original alone and remake the sequel, perhaps with someone returning to The Colony after a long period of time to find out the truth behind the events and finding that it's far from over.

There's no word on what the sequel will be about or at what stage the development of the film is at, but I would suspect there's a treatment that's trying to be sold and Joe Nimziki, the writer/director attached to the poster which ShockTillYouDrop have on their site, is trying to sell it.

Nimziki has only one credit to his name to date, an episode in 1997 of the restarted The Outer Limits called Stream of Consciousness which carries the following blurb:

When a virus starts killing people hooked up neurally to a worldwide information network, the only person who can stop it is a man unable to link into it due to a childhood injury.

Sounds interesting, but I've not seen the episode so I can't tell if it's a good one or not. However the chance of restarting The Howling is a good one. Imagine a film with effects like were seeing from The Wolfman, and following on from the original story, now that would be good.

Update: 23/11/2009
It's confirmed from Variety that Joe Nimziki is directing from his own script. Still no details on what the plot will be however.



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