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The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond trailer plays like a TV movie

LossofaTeardropDiamond.jpgThe Loss of a Teardrop Diamond is a screenplay from Tennessee Williams which was supposed to be the third film for him and director Elia Kazan after A Streetcar Named Desire and Baby Doll, however it was never to be and the screenplay sat unused. Now, over forty years later, the screenplay has been made into a film, with a strong cast too, however the trailer still seems to be stuck in the past.

I wonder, if it wasn't Tennessee Williams, if people would be giving this trailer a second thought, other than to mention how it appears to be filmed in another time. Perhaps it's a stylistic choice, but to me it seems like a Sunday afternoon television film. See for yourself.

That said, The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond is a Tennessee Williams story, and one that has remained un-filmed. It's set in the 1920's and sees Bryce Dallas Howard playing a high society débutante called Fisher Willow, who is fed up with her greedy and corrupt father and wants to find her own way and at the same time get revenge.

She does that by picking up Jimmy Dobyne, played by Chris Evans, who is a poor boy working for her father, to a high profile party. It's a party she has to attend in order to receive a large inheritance from her aunt, and she borrows her priceless teardrop diamond earrings for the event.

Unfortunately she loses one during the party, blames the poor boy for stealing it, and the story goes sour from there on.

Coming Soon have The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond trailer which is directed by Jodie Markell from the original screenplay by Williams.

I wonder how well this film will do in the current climate, especially pitched against a studio system and marketplace that is geared towards a teen target audience. Personally I'm not that impressed, I'm sure the story reads well, but from the trailer the film looks like it comes from an era gone by.



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