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The Lovely Bones French trailer online

TheLovelyBones.jpgThe trailer for The Lovely Bones from Peter Jackson has arrived in French, and it has a slightly different cut. If I'm going to be perfectly honest there's nothing here that's not in the other trailers and it's a much tighter cut to these.

Still, for fans of the book The Lovely Bones and for this film I think that this trailer will still deliver. See if it does for you.

The trailer tells the story of a girl who is murdered and hangs around in some mystical limbo world before some other mystical thing happens to her. However she's not just going to sit there, for it's not all just her own dream world, she's also haunted by the image of the man who killed her, and so she returns home to try and assist her family in finding the real killer who is still out there.

Here's the French trailer for The Lovely Bones, it's okay for those of you who don't like dubbed trailers, it has subtitles, and it comes through Allocine:



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