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The Wolfman is recut, and recut longer

WolfMan.jpgThere have been a lot of things said about The Wolfman film from Joe Johnston starring Benecio Del Toro, the remake of the classic old horror, and if you listened to them all you probably thought that the project was doomed.

Well whether it was or not two new editors have been taken on board and provided a couple of new cuts of the film, both of which went out to test screenings, and only one came back triumphant, the longer one.

I actually find this very surprising, I thought that there would have been a call for the shortest cut which would probably have featured more action and less characterisation, however it turns out that the longer cut has won out.

Remembering back the film has seen a last minute replacement of director, pretty big CGI rework and reshoots, and release dates that have been shifting and shifting. It's been a pretty turbulent ride, although it's fair to say that many more films go through this process than we realise, they just aren't all leaked out and reported on.

The Wolfman was though, and the stories were worrying. Now HitFix through Latino Review tell us that things are changing. Mark Goldblatt and Walter Murch, who between them have an impressive array of films with Murch carrying three Oscars, came onto the production to work on the film.

The story suggests that two cuts were taken to test screenings and the audience much preferred the longer cut. Now this could mean anything, just because this is the longer film doesn't mean it's the better film, but then the two editors are excellent and we see all too often film releases that are heavily cut down from the director's version and the director's release on DVD is much better.

Could it be the case with The Wolfman? Who knows. The other thing to be careful of is that test screenings don't always work. They take passers-by to review them, and they might not be the intended target audience either. So this really could go either way, but it's promising.

I'm still watching out for this one because it does look great so far in the teasers and trailers we've seen, don't you think?



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