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Third Avatar trailer online

Avatar.jpgI'm actually getting confused with the number of trailers out for films nowadays as there are more and more popping up online. This version for James Cameron's Avatar is the Japanese version (not classed as an International by the U.S.) and there's a little bit of new footage to it, and a slightly different focus and pitch.

However all in all this is a very similar trailer to the previous one, adapted for the Japanese audience. Saying that, it's still good to watch and still drives my hopes forward for the film.

You can see the new trailer right here, and although there's a little concern about over exposure for the film, I really don't think James Cameron's Avatar is going to suffer anything from any type of story or footage that's put out for the film.

Avatar really is going to redefine the words “event movie”, something which isn't just a film with a big leading name in a silly role, this one hits that title from right to left all across the board.



**** yeah!

I hope Avatar ends up living up to all the hype


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