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Warren Ellis Red casting and Black Summer

WarrenEllis.jpgThe current Warren Ellis story that's kicking around just now is the superb cast list that is attached to the adaptation of his comic Red, but another of his works, Black Summer is getting adapted too.

The two stories couldn't be more different. One is a superhero story and the other is about a retired black ops agent. Both sound interesting, but the best is the casting being announced for Red.

Red is the story of a retired black ops agent who is forced out of retirement when an assassin trained in all the latest techniques with technology galore, is sent to kill him.

The latest casting news for it comes from ScreenDaily through SuperheroHype tells us that Helen Mirren is due to join Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis who are already lined up to star.

Sounds a superb cast, and it's a little surprising, I thought Freeman might be playing the role of the retired agent, but it seems that Willis will be the retired agent Paul Moses who has to fight off a team of assassins sent by the new head of the CIA, played by Freeman.

The reason he's being targeted is that the new CIA head wants all the loose ends tied up, like Moses. Mirren is set to play Moses' ex-handler and the previous head of the CIA, a role that might turn out to be a smaller part.

Still, the idea of Freeman organising a team to take down Willis is an exciting one. Robert Schwentke, Flightplan and The Time Traveller's Wife, is directing the film.

Then Variety brings us the news of Black Summer that Ryne Pearson, the writer of Knowing, is set to adapt. The story follows a superhero group called the Seven Guns, a group of scientists who have adapted their own bodies in order to fight the criminal element in their local city, a criminal element that is actually in the police force, the local government, and private security forces.

Sounds rather interesting, and although I've never read much Ellis I have to say I'm getting more and more interested hearing some of these plots, and he's getting more and more adaptations, Gravel, about a British “combat magician” and Ocean, a science fiction story I really can't sum up easily, are already under way.



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