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Closed: Win tickets to The Girlfriend Experience BFI screening with Sasha Grey Q&A

TheGirlfriendExperience.jpgIt's a great time on Filmstalker just now because there's just competition after competition, and that hasn't stopped as I have another quick fire competition to run for you. How about two tickets to see The Girlfriend Experience at a special British Film Institute screening with the special guest star of the lead actress, Sasha Grey in a live, yes she's right there in front of you, Q&A.

That's a fantastic opportunity, and I'd love to go, but the expense of getting there is just too much for me, mind you, I am tempted to be sitting there with Sasha Grey and chatting about her feature film experience in a Hollywood mainstream leading role, if there are more roles to come for her, and her day job.

The BFI have graced Filmstalker with two pairs of tickets to give away to some lucky readers, and all you need to do is be able to get to the London BFI Southbank cinema on the 16th of November for the screening at 20:45, directions and information about the cinema can be read at the BFI site. Bear in mind though, the competition is only open for a few days, you'll have to be fast.

You can read more about the screening itself on the BFI site about the event, and if you want a review of the film itself then look no further than Filmstalker's review.

To get your tickets it's simple, just make sure you can get to BFI Southbank for the screening, answer the following question, and email me by selecting the link that comes after it.

What is the day job of Sasha Grey, the lead actress in The Girlfriend Experience?

Simple isn't it? So just click the link below and send in the answer along with your UK postal address and you could be a winner.

Competition Closed

The competition is running from now until the end of the day in the UK on the Thursday 12th of November, so get entering, as they say, it could be you...but you have to be in it to win it, and you have to select the link above.



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