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Winstone joins Red Snow

RayWinstone.jpgI am a big Ray Winstone fan, so it's great to see him cast in a new thriller, particularly as it takes him away from the hard man image he's used to playing, although to be fair he's not going too far from that role although he will be turning to good rather than crime.

He'll be playing an ex-SAS officer who is tracking down his daughter who has been taken by a serial killer, a story that is somewhat based on a true story.

The story comes from the eighties report of a serial killer in Alaska, and the film, Red Snow, will see the ex-SAS officer tracking his daughter who has been picked up by the killer through the snow forests in a remote town in Canada.

Stuart St. Paul is set to direct the film according to The Hollywood Reporter which he also wrote. He's a stuntman by trade, but he's done his fair share of second unit work as well as writing and directing, by no means is he a newcomer.

The negotiating is ongoing with sales agents at the American Film Market in order to secure the project, but it's looking good so far, especially as the last written and directed film by St. Paul, Freight, has been picked up for UK and Australian distribution.

It sounds a good role for Ray Winstone, and it would be great to see him play a good guy for a change as he seems synonymous with playing characters in the wrong.

The story itself also sounds good, although with a budget of US$4 million and the writer/director not being so well known, it is Winstone going back to what he likes doing, smaller films with more punch.

Once again though, there's that dread "based on a true story" line coming to mind, and it already sounds like it's far from the true story that's mentioned.



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