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Youth in Revolt trailer revolts

YouthinRevolt.jpgYouth in Revolt shows an interesting concept for a film, and yet it features the same sort of performance we see from Michael Cera and young actors of a similar ilk, like Jesse Eisenberg, the mumbling, unsure young character. Let's hope they grow out of it soon.

Except with Youth in Revolt there's something extra to the story that seems to draw your attention in. Let's say you're someone who hates the Cera performance, well there's something here that's going to get you thinking about seeing the film.

What's that special ingredient? Michael Cera. Yes I know what we've just said, but bear with me. In Youth in Revolt Cera plays two characters, the Michael Cera loser character who can't seem to get a woman until the one of his dreams comes along and he decides to fight for her, and the Michael Cera character who is the alter ego the first character creates in his mind to make him become a bad guy and seem appealing to the woman he loves.

You see the woman has a boyfriend, and he's a damn good looking guy, and Cera's good guy needs someone to give him an edge she'll fall for. The real problem is that edge becomes a cliff.

The trailer looks pretty good, and it's a great idea, I just wonder if I can get over the Michael Cera part. Oh, and with all this talk of the guy I'm forgetting to tell you that it also stars Justin Long, Zach Galifianakis, Steve Buscemi, Ray Liotta, M. Emmet Walsh and Portia Doubleday as the woman he's chasing.

See what you thin of the trailer below which comes through JoBlo:



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