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Avatar: An Xmas visit

Avatar.jpgI just finished a second screening of Avatar (Filmstalker review), this time with my wife and my father of sixty-nine, so we were covering quite a few demographics there, and I thought I'd let you know the general consensus of opinion from us all and what everyone thought of the “weak story” negativity that's out there.

I keep going back and forth between whether I should be criticising the film for the story and if I'm on the side that's wrong, or if the film really is a sum of the parts and is a complete whole.

We decided to head to the new Cineworld in Aberdeen's Union Square and catch the Boxing Day screening – can I just say well done to the staff there working their Boxing Day holiday and being so polite and efficient despite missing out on the day at home.

So what did we think of it? Well everyone was impressed and thought it was spectacular. In fact my father decided he was going to go return to the cinema after being so impressed with it. We actually worked out that his last visit to the cinema, with his two sons, was Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and you know when that was released? 1979.

My wife did recognise that the storyline on it's own could be viewed as similar to other stories, but the spectacle, the effects, and the sheer scope of the story make any weaker point on a single part of the film hardly noticeable.

My Dad was just amazed, and he marvelled at how good the film was, and every aspect of it. In fact he's realised just how amazing the cinema can be and vowed to return.

For me I was still sucked in and emotional at the key points, I loved it and still marvelled at how strong the CG and the 3D was, spectacular. However I did notice something, and it was something that both my wife and father both brought up, there was a strange effect that wasn't there at the World Première, something I described as a fogging or blurring during some scenes, particularly the action ones, which made it hard to follow the action. At times scenes that, at the World Première looked fantastic in 3D, didn't look so good and I found didn't have the same depth and definition.

I wonder if this was down to the screening, and at the screening attended by the director they made it perfect in a state of the art 3D cinema, while at a screening for standard audiences there was perhaps less effort put into making it the perfect experience.

I'm really not sure, but I do know it didn't look as great as the first time I saw it. Saying that, it was still a spectacular film.

So Avatar (Filmstalker review) was a great success with the Brunton's and no one thought about a weak story, or a weakness come to think of that. Predictable perhaps, but the tension, surprise and emotion were right through the film.



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