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Update: Avatar featurette online

Avatar.jpgThere has been plenty of footage online about Avatar, but this one is slightly different, it features tons of new footage and feels like a great introduction to the film, narrated by Sigourney Weaver's character and showing tons of amazing looking footage.

The featurette not only talks about the planet Pandora, telling us about the creatures there, the reason humans are there, and some mysteries behind the film. This is perhaps the most insight and most footage we've been given so far.

It's well worth watching, and rather than waste time, why don't you just head over to Canal+ (Flash:Embed) through AICN to see the footage directly, they have no embedding unfortunately.

Update: Here we go courtesy of TrailerAddict:

This is the best piece I've seen so far on the film, it looks amazing, and it's just made me even more excited for Thursday when I'm due to see the film at the première. Hopefully I'll have a report written up as soon as possible afterwards. I do so hope that it lives up to the hype and expectation, and exceeds it.

After this footage, are you looking forward to Avatar even more? Do you think, as has been said by Sigourney Weaver herself, that this is going to change what we want from cinema?



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