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Bello and Sheen on Beautiful Boy

MariaBello.jpgHere's an eclectic cast, Maria Bello, Michael Sheen, Moon Bloodgood, Alan Tudyk, Kyle Gallner, Austin Nichols and Meat Loaf, some great names in there for various different reasons, and the film? It's an independent that has just finished filming called Beautiful Boy.

The film tells the story of a married couple who are about to separate when they find out that their eighteen year old son has just committed suicide after carrying out a mass shooting at his school.

The topic certainly sounds controversial and comes from Shawn Ku, who directed and co-wrote alongside Michael Armbruster, and although this is his first feature film he has previously directed a musical short film called Pretty Dead Girl which received a lot of commentary at Sundance.

In fact the article in Variety states that it "created a stir" which could mean anything from good to bad.

However the fact that it contains the superb Maria Bello and Michael Sheen as the parents is something extremely positive, and then there's the gorgeous and growing in star stature Moon Bloodgood. I'm definitely interested.

Bello has been getting a lot more recognition in her smaller films of late, although she's taking on bigger and more challenging roles in these independent films, far from the Hollywood wife or distressed female lead that we've seen her in the bigger budget outings.

Meanwhile it's good to see Sheen playing a character that isn't someone famous, and getting to see his bare acting talent if you would like rather than his superb skill at taking on a real character, something which I think is far too often underrated and misinterpreted.

Both superb actors and this could be some very strong emotional drama for Sheen.



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