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Brittany Murphy in Abandoned trailer

BrittanyMurphy.jpgOh dear, I can't begin to tell you the things that are wrong with this trailer, not least being a big reveal of the story, the not so high end actors, the made for television moments, and the rather poor looking Brittany Murphy.

From this trailer the film Abandoned doesn't look good, not at all.

The cast doesn't look great, I mean Brittany Murphy, who you would think of as on the rise to better roles after 8 Mile and Sin City, is starring opposite Dean Cain, and you also have to wonder what Mimi Rogers and Peter Bogdanovich are doing appearing in this too.

Of course it could just be a really bad trailer, but it is a bad trailer and that's all there is to go on at the moment.

Murphy herself, who died unexpectedly earlier this month, doesn't look as good as she did in some of her previous films.

I'm not taken by Abandoned, but you may be. See what you think:



I wasn't a big fan of Brittanny Murphy but I still would've wished her to "go away" on a higher note than this.

I'll remember her for her role in Girl, Interrupted though.

What's most striking is that the trailer gives away the entire plot including key spoilers!

Definitely is more of a digest of the whole movie rather than a trailer... Besides if all we see in the trailer happens in the first 10 minutes of the film, which I doubt.


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