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Brolin in Men In Black 3?

MeninBlack.jpgThe first, and most important question, is why make a third film anyway? The second was pretty poor in my eyes, all that talking dog nonsense taking over the entire film, but we've heard that the series will return and that they've started work on the sequel. Now there's some very surprising news.

The surprise is that Tommy Lee Jones may not be returning - or is the surprise that Will Smith may be? - and that another big name actor will be replacing him, a name I find hard to believe.

Josh Brolin.

According to the report in the L.A. Times, the actor who has played some very serious roles, and George W. Bush, is being considered for a role in the third film and there is talk of whether he would be playing a new agent, an agent taking over from Tommy Lee Jones' K or...or even taking over from Rip Torn's Chief Zed. Really it's complete conjecture at this moment as to what role he's playing, no one knows.

My real money would be on playing a new agent, with the potential of continuing on into the series. I mean if Will Smith is returning I'm sure they could lure Tommy Lee Jones back.

It's also worth noting that the film hasn't even been greenlit yet, and there's no script, or director, so you can already see how much speculation is in this story, but we do know that Etan Cohen is writing the script just now and there's tentative talk of Barry Sonnenfield returning to direct, trying to recapture that first film.

I'm liking the sound of Sonnenfield returning, but pushing in actors to roles before the script's complete? Not the best of things. Men in Black 3 anyone?



i agree the first picture was very well made the second was more like an advertisment for 'men in black' [perhaps the third movie should be not like either of the first two but more like being based on the 'space harrier video game 85' with just 'limited dialogue'[i recently saw Hancock nad was impressed by how visually creative the flight scenes were this take could be adjusted for mib3 where the agent use hoverboards to 'float']...

[and also introduce some action taking place on other landscapes outside earth as i think this was rumoured back in 2006?]...

perhaps Jim Carrey should be approached to star in this third picture alongside smith?


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