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Bryan Singer directing X-Men: First Class?

BryanSinger.jpgThere's a rumour going about that Bryan Singer is set to direct X-Men: First Class and return to the X-Men series for the kiddies version.

Well it might be more than just rumour as apparently Singer revealed live on a MyMarketingSpace feed from the red carpet of Avatar (Filmstalker review) that he was set to direct the film. I've yet to see the feed myself, maybe you have and can confirm.

However it would be a welcome return to the franchise for the man who started it all, but I just think that the kids version of X-Men is not the way to go, not at all.

The story comes through ComicBookMovie via a reader who saw the live stream where he says Bryan Singer spilled the beans on the X-Men directing gig. Here are his words:

"I was watching the live stream for 'Avatar' on myspace and Bryan Singer just popped up on the red carpet. And they asked what projects he has coming up and he mentioned he is doing 'Jack the Giant Killer' but the moment that shocked me was...right after he said that, he also stated that just yesterday he signed the deal to do the 'X-Men: First Class movie.' And when they told him they were broadcasting live, he made the face of 'oh sh*t'"

Of course it does fit in with what X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner has been saying about the franchise and Singer, here's what she said from a previous article:

"Nothing would please me more than to bring Bryan [Singer] on for another movie. And, if it's like the first Deadpool or the first Gambit, I think, I mean, I hope he would be interested..."

Mind you she didn't mention X-Men: First Class there.

Last time she talked she also mentioned an X-Men 4, and separately from a First Class film, and a New Mutants film. Of course I think she's just talking about projects that they are trying to get started, not projects that are definitely going to happen, so do bear that in mind.

I would love Singer to return to the X-Men franchise, I really would, and despite what people think of his Superman Returns (Filmstalker review), I think it was a good film, just the family byline ruined things quite a bit.

However I don't really want to see him filming a kids version of X-Men, and that's all that First Class seems to be to me. It feels like the wrong type of film for him, although if he's allowed to pitch it up a notch from the expected target audience then he might be able to deliver something a little better.

What do you think?



i love x-men i cant wait till the new movie comes out..


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