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Buck Rogers loses Frank Miller

BuckRogers.jpgFrank Miller has apparently left the film adaptation of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, or rather the Buck Rogers comic and the serials that followed, that he was previously attached to. Apparently he was involved in an early version of the film production, but since then things have changed and he's now no longer directing the film.

However, Paradox Entertainment President Fredrik Malmberg has stated that the film production is still ongoing.

There's no word on where the project is going from here or who is attached, but Frank Miller is not going to be directing Buck Rogers. Part of me is pleased because I'm not convinced he's ready to step out from the writing role and take up directing, as The Spirit has shown, but another part is disappointed because he promised a dark and edgy version of Buck Rogers, far from the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century television series that most of us would have associated with Buck Rogers.

In the IGN article through The Geek Files and ComicBookMovie, Malmberg also revealed that Paradox were working on a big screen adaptation of Erich von Daniken's Chariot of the Gods?: Unsolved Mysteries of the Past and his research since. The book, and his research, looks into the idea that aliens visited Earth long ago in the past, gave new technologies to civilisations and in return were worshiped as gods.

Now that sounds like an interesting film, and an epic one at that, but I still want to see my much loved Saturday show of Buck Rogers coming to life again. Can they ever replace Colonel Deering though?



I really don't want a "dark and edgy" Buck Rodgers.
Dark and Edgy has been done to death in science fiction. It's way past time to move on, and the more I experience Frank Miller's visions, the more I realize that he really only has one myopic vision of everything. He's got one trick and he plays it over and over again.

No, Buck Rogers is going to be way more interesting with a retro vibe. I would much rather see it done similar (but not exactly) like Sky Captain or something like that.

I'm more interested in seeing black and white depictions of good vs. evil and a pulp flavor, than I am in gritty anti-heroes, moral ambiguity and crap that was getting cliche in the nineties. 10-15 years later, and we still can't get past grim and gritty anti-heroes? Bleh...sick of it.


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