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Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever trailer online

EliRoth.jpgThere's a teaser online for Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever online, the sequel to Eli Roth's Cabin Fever. However there are some notable points about it to bear in mind. The first is that it's not directed by Eli Roth nor is he involved in it, the second is that it's direct to DVD, the third is that it's a very different story, and lastly the trailer looks to give away every inch of the story.

It takes place at a high school prom where the infected water that was being delivered to the rest of the country at the end of Cabin Fever has been delivered and everyone is drinking it.

That's where the trouble happens as everyone starts getting infected, apart from some who have been exposed to it and go so far as to sever their limbs in order to remove infected flesh.

Of course if you watch any further in the trailer you'll see that…wait, let me give you the trailer through ShockTillYouDrop then afterwards I'll talk about the reveals, and be warned there are some big reveals.


The trailer has revealed a lot hasn't it? There are two real survivors who are fighting through it, but a quick shot shows that they end up in trouble too, unless that gooey kiss is just a very gooey kiss. However one girl does manage to escape, covered in blood and running down the road screaming. I bet that doesn't end well.

The trailer for Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever has just given away far too much and needs to reign it back in. Still, direct to DVD, no major stars and no Eli Roth?



That looks really stupid.

I can assure that the trailer has not given away too much - there were no sightings of Guiseppe in it, no inclusion of the swimming pool scene, the janitor scene, the ahem..penis scene, trust me there is a LOT you will see in the movie that was not shown in the trailer.

Thanks Mark. Sounds like horror fans should give it a shot.


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