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Cameron talks Avatar sequels

Avatar.jpgJames Cameron was cornered at the Avatar press conferences and asked the highly unlikely question about Avatar sequels. The answer is not a definite, but it does sound as though monetary wise the studio want him to pull out some more revenue from the work they've invested in the technology and the special effects.

Speaking at the conference he revealed that he has ideas for two sequels, and I imagine that neither sequel will look anything less than cutting edge after seeing Avatar (Filmstalker review).

"When I pitched it to Fox, they said, 'We've spent a lot of money creating all these assets, all these CG mountains, plants, trees, leaves, flowers, bugs' - everything you saw up there on screen had been made by people at workstations over a period of years and so they have value...

...So in terms of the pitch it was: OK, you've spent a lot of money on the first one; on the second one we'll be able to amortize it and focus on the story and all that ... and they bought that."

That was the quote from the man himself through

Well they would wouldn't they? An epic film from James Cameron, probably his best yet, and the chance of reusing technology and assets from that film to create two more films, easier, quicker and much cheaper than the first but still have them leading edge? Oh let me think a moment. Who cares what your pitch is, get that ROI (return on investment) forecast in.

Cameron isn't talking about where his sequels for Avatar would go, but things have changed from the beginning of the film so I wonder what direction he would take them. I have some ideas, but I'm just not going to mention them for fear of spoiling your Avatar experience.



i soooooo want a sequel, i love the film and if was real would leave my life behind to go there in a heart beat :D

Well that's devotion for you!

How do you think there could be a sequel though?


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