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Case 39 Behind the Scenes with more footage

Case39.jpgI'm not so desperate to see Case 39 after I saw Pandorum (Filmstalker review). My initial excitement for director Christian Alvart came from Antikörper (Antibodies), but with Pandorum that excitement was severely beaten.

With the history of Case 39 and the delays it's seen, I really am beginning to wonder about it and if it'll be any good. Yet some new footage comes out in amongst this short behind the scenes featurette and it has my interest sparked again.

Still, I'm not sure. Pandorum really was a disappointment after the excellent Antibodies, and I was so interested in seeing what Christian Alvart was going to be doing when he came to Hollywood. Case 39 was the film to show it, but it's been delayed so long.

Here's the featurette, see what you think. Not only does Alvart have my interest here but the fact that Ian McShane and Adrian Lester are starring also caught my eye.



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