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Clash of the Titans new trailer online

ClashoftheTitans.jpgA new trailer has arrived for Clash of the Titans, and while there's a fair chunk from the first trailer, there's plenty of new shots to be seen and it delivers much more of the story up front.

This Clash of the Titans is looking epic indeed. The story looks good too and pitches man against man and gods alike with a lot more ferocity than the original and also some blistering looking special effects.

This Clash of the Titans trailer does indeed look epic and there are some astounding sequences through the trailer. Some might think that the music choice for the trailer is a bit odd, but I thought it powered it home and modernised it at the same time. Fantastic.

However, and there had to be an however, I do wonder if they've just shown us every single major CG sequence and creature there is to be seen, for now we get flashes of Medusa and the Kraken. I'm just thinking they should have at least held back on the big monster, or maybe two, for the film.

Regardless, the trailer is looking really good and I'm getting rather excited about seeing Clash of the Titans for the first time. Well, for the second time.



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