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Closing Credits: Dan O'Bannon

DanOBannon.jpgThe screenwriter Dan O'Bannon died on the 17th of December, still working on scripts with his name attached to two films in development.

His career concentrated on the science fiction, and indeed his name is attached to a film that we'll be reviewing next year in the Filmstalker Film Club, but he was best known for a number of screenplays that have become nigh on legendary in Hollywood.

Dan O'Bannon's first writing credit was on the screenplay for Dark Star, the John Carpenter dark science fiction comedy, and some five years after that he wrote the classic Alien screenplay from the story that he co-developed.

Through his career have been a number of notable scripts including Blue Thunder, The Return of the Living Dead, Invaders from Mars, Total Recall, Screamers and Bleeders. He hadn't written any scripts since then, which is a shame for audiences, but his name was attached to two films in development.

He also wrote, along with a number of other writers, the film Lifeforce which the Filmstalker Film Club have been reviewing lately, an audiocast that will be available in the January some time.

Dan O'Bannon was a superb writer who unfortunately didn't grace us with enough of his writing, however what he did give us resulted in Alien, Total Recall and some fond memories of Blue Thunder and Lifeforce.

I'm sure I say it for all Filmstalker readers when I say that our thoughts are with his family and friends, and that his talent will be remembered through a few, very influential films.

Dan O'Bannon



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