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Cop Out, formerly A Couple of Dicks, trailer plays limp

CopOut.jpgWell the trailer for Kevin Smith's A Couple of Dicks, now called Cop Out is online and it looks above average, but there's absolutely nothing in there that gives me any excitement in seeing it, except for Bruce Willis doing comedy.

Not Seann William Scott, Tracy Morgan, perhaps Kevin Pollak, not Jason Lee nor Adam Brody, and the trailer itself looks as PG as the title change. What's the PG swearing scene outside the house all about? At least midline American comedies have at least one all out, swearing scene, where the overuse of the words is beyond funny and the number of bodily function and sexual jokes fall like wet snow.

Personally, I'm hoping that the studio have done the same hatchet job on the trailer that they did on the title, and that the film is a lot better than I'm currently thinking, after all it's got Bruce Willis doing comedy and Kevin Smith is directing, there's got to be some good stuff in there.

The evidence so far is that the studio came down hard on the title, A Couple of Dicks, despite the fact that the common moniker for a private detective is a Dick, except these are cops, well ignore that bit. So why wouldn't they come down hard on the trailer?

Well enough of me telling you about it, have a look at the new trailer for Kevin Smith's Cop Out through Collider:



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