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Deadpool rumours and Ryan Reynolds

RyanReynolds.jpgThere are a number of rumours going around about the X-Men Origins: Wolverine spin-off film for the character of Deadpool, first there’s the rumour of two new writers, and then there’s the one of the director, the latter coming from the lead actor and is basically a very short wish, but will never happen, list.

Of course there’s lots of rumour and talk around this film, as with other superhero films, people just like to guess and make big leaps based on comments from those possibly involved in the production. So while it’s clear that I don’t believe Quentin Tarantino will be directing Deadpool, even if Ryan Reynolds wants him to, the rumour about the new writers sounds possible.

That Quentin Tarantino rumour came from Ryan Reynolds just banding around the name of a director he would love to make the film, so there’s no real substance to it, and I really can’t see Fox taking that kind of chance on, even though it is a really exciting choice. No, I don’t see it happening, but the rumour out today is more likely.

From CHUD through Empire we hear that their source has heard Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writers behind Zombieland (Filmstalker review), are to write the script for the Deadpool film, and the source believes that the article is going to be in the trades in a matter of days.

Still, it’s a rumour, so be mindful. However if it's not, it's worth considering what they might bring to a Deadpool film. Although writers aren't one trick ponies and don't tend to stick to one style throughout their career, it is fair to say that a similar tone from Zombieland might be transferred across to Deadpool and would work well for the film version don't you think?

That's not all though, Ryan Reynolds has been talking through ComicBookMovie, and he's been speaking about his ability to play both Deadpool and the Green Lantern. His reaction is rather good.

”There's such a vast difference between the characters, and I think people forget that I'm an actor...These are roles that just happened to fall under the umbrella of the comic book universe...

...I think there was some concern that I would make Green Lantern some kind of wise-cracking Wade Wilson-type, and that's not the case at all...If that's what they wanted, why would I have screen-tested for the movie?”

Reynolds went on to elaborate his feelings of playing Deadpool and Green Lantern and how happy he is to be fortunate enough to land both roles:

”With the 'Deadpool' role, I've had a take on that for close to eight years now...You want to talk about gratifying? The fact that this is even being considered as a franchise right now is truly one of the highlights of my entire career.”

Well he's certainly holding the role in high esteem, and it would seem that he has both characters well in hand taking the roles rather seriously, perhaps more than most would.

What do you think of the fact he's playing Deadpool and Green Lantern? Is it really a problem? Who would you like to direct the film if Tarantino isn't available?!



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