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District 13: Ultimatum trailer online

DistrictB13Ultimatum.jpgA new trailer for District 13: Ultimatum has arrived online and it's looking action packed, although I'm not feeling as totally bowled over as I was by the first, you can plainly see that this one is packed with superb stunts and looks to carry a little more in production and perhaps budget. Things just look bigger.

What I also like, although I'm slightly disappointed at, is that they don't reveal too much of the big stunts. They're hinted at and we see sections, but we don't see everything and have it spoil a set-up. I really appreciate that.

Anyway, you'll remember the first film had a cop team up with a bad guy to go into the now segregated and walled off section of Paris called District B13 in order to find a missing missile which was in the control of a rather livid man, he wasn't quite mad, in fact he seemed to have a decent plan, and on the way fight the factions within the District. Oh, and they both were experts in Parkour – that's the cool, well let the opening scene of the trailer inform us:

An activity in which the participant moves quickly and fluidly, by surmounting obstacles such as walls and railings and leaping across open spaces.

Not half.

Well the sequel, District 13: Ultimatum (Banlieue 13 - Ultimatum), has them pulled back together, and both Cyril Raffaelli and David Belle, both legends in the Parkour arena and martial artists, return to play the two characters, but this time they are fighting for the District.

The area has gotten worse, and now corrupt cops and politicians are working to cause complete civil unrest in the area in order to receive the go ahead to destroy it and then rebuild it for the real estate value. To add to their woes, this time it's no missile, this time it's a nuclear bomb.

Here's the trailer below, or you can head over to Apple Trailers and see it in high definition. I would suggest that too, for some of the stunts in the Patrick Alessandrin directed film from the Luc Besson script look superb.



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