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Dream Viking film from Mel Gibson

MelGibson.jpgWhile most people are getting excited about the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio is set to star in the lead of a Viking film, I'm more excited that William Monahan is writing the script and Mel Gibson is going to be directing.

If you think to Apocalypto (Filmstalker review) and what Gibson made with that film, transplant that into the bloody and epic time of the Vikings, and couple that with the scriptwriting talents of Monahan, then this has to be something special sitting on the horizon, DiCaprio or not.

The story is that these three have been brought together to create an as yet untitled period drama about Vikings, and that the storyline is described by Variety as...

"...unsparing as Gibson's other period directing efforts, Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto."

There is nothing more on the story, but if you can imagine bringing Mel Gibson's Apocalypto together with William Monahan's writing on such films as The Departed (Filmstalker review) then perhaps you're getting somewhere there. Epic, bloody, and full of twists and turns. This could be a superb telling of the time of the Vikings. Perhaps we'll see them sweeping around to raid the villages and towns on the coast of Scotland.

There haven't been a lot of Viking films that I can think of, there's The Vikings starring the legendary Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis of course, The 13th Warrior, The Long Ships and Outlander (Filmstalker review), to a degree, starring James Caviezel and John Hurt, but I don't think that one really counts.



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