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Fallen, the next Twilight

FallenCover.jpgThe next Twilight series is around the corner. Just as Harry Potter brought to life so many other options for similarly themed films, so has Twilight, and the latest is the adaptation of the novel Fallen by Lauren Kate (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com).

The Fallen novel is the first in a series of four from author Lauren Kate that tells the story of a teenage girl who is torn between two teenage boys, well seemingly teenage boys as they are both fallen angels who have been engaged in a battle over her for centuries. It does sound rather similar, however that's the opening premise, and there could be plenty of room to make this series go in its own unique direction, if the studio want it to that is. They may just want something to replicate the Twilight success.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Disney has the rights to the book and the continuing three. According to the article it's angels that are the latest hot trend in this marketplace, having had vampires and werewolves de sanitised enough, now it's the turn of another mythical creature, angels. It warns that there will be other similar publications and films on the way.

I can't say I'm that excited for the idea, and it does sound very similar to the Twilight series, but then this is just the original set-up, and there really is a lot that could be done with the story, especially as it says that the battle for the girl has been going on for a very long time, that could have a lot of implications for the story and the characters.

Has anyone read it that could comment on how good or bad the book is and the idea of a film sounds?



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