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Filmstalker Reader's Top Tens 2009: Call for submissions

10FSReel.jpgSo far the interest in the Filmstalker Readers Top Tens for 2009 is low, and I need that to change, and we need you to do something about it. Submit your top ten of anything film related and see it published on Filmstalker.

It's easy enough, why not look back on last year's lists to see just how easy it is and what people did for last year, everything from the Best Moments to the Best Babes. You can create your own Top Ten list and have it online at Filmstalker.

You really can write about anything film related, it doesn't have to be the best films, or the best actors, anything that's caught your eye from the best stage performance by a screen actor, to the most memorable moment in a cinema for you, or better still if you want to look back at the entire decade then get writing too, I'd be more than delighted to post them up.

There have been some great list and last year we saw some corkers, so Matt, Trovster, Daniel, Firebug, Aaden, Ramchandra, Tony, Louise, Mogulus, Simone, Chris, Mark, Steven, Spidey, Dave, Ian, get your lists started.

I was hoping that this year I wouldn't have to chase people by email, but guess what, I think I just might. So get yours in early before I start hounding you!

Here's the list of previous Stalker's Top Ten's to get you in that mood.

Oh, and because I forgot it earlier, here's an email address for you to send your Top Tens into. Do have a look at a few from previous years, create your list, and add in a little thought behind each choice, even if it's just a line, just something to personalise it.

Email your list to: competition@filmstalker.co.uk



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