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Footage of Russian Black Lightning online

BlackLightning.jpgI received a little bit of a fright when I started watching this footage from the upcoming Russian action/superhero film Black Lightning, mainly because I didn't read the article before heading into the video. It's a clip that's just over three minutes and contains tons of footage from the film, including loads from the possible big battle near the end of the film, and it looks like it's been made with a huge Hollywood budget.

However it's the music video for the film. In Russian. By the Eurovision 2009 winner, Alexandr Rybak. It's actually rather good I think, particularly with all the action going on around him.

Black Lightning is produced by Timur Bekmambetov, a thing I'm not keen on saying up front about a film because it's often more advertising than anything, however it's clear that here he's had a hand in the styling of the film, especially the effects.

Directed by Alexandr Voitinsky, it tells the story of a Moscow University student who becomes the owner of a seemingly ordinary car. However the Volga car can actually fly, and a bit more to boot. Unexpectedly he becomes the city's defender and somehow manages to find something akin to his nemesis to battle.

Here's a previous trailer for you to watch, believe me it looks good:

Now that you've gotten that out of the way let's look at the brand new footage from the music video from Twitch, and it looks fantastic.



The movie is going to be awesome (LOVE Timur Bekmambetov!) - but that song.. OUCH! It's like Russian Menudo or Enrique Iglesias or something. Unbelievably cheesy.

Yeah, the song is extremely cheesy. I'm just glad I can't understand the lyrics, that would be ten times worse I imagine!


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