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Francis Lawrence reshooting Jonah Hex

JonahHex.jpgI'm not really sure if I want to be writing about re-shoots on films all the time, and I am getting a little tired of doing it, mainly because it is so common and I don't think it's a big a sign of impending doom on a film as some like to think.

However what's interesting about this piece of news is that there's a more experienced director being taken in to oversee the re-shoots for Jonah Hex, something that usually has a little more bearing than the common rewrites or re-shoots we hear about day to day.

The word is that Francis Lawrence has been brought in to oversee the re-shoots for Jonah Hex, a film that Jimmy Hayward has been directing. Now Hayward previously directed Horton Hears a Who, and Francis Lawrence has directed I Am Legend (Filmstalker review), Constantine (Filmstalker review) and has a list of big projects waiting for him to pick up.

It's clear that Lawrence is the more experienced director, and I could understand a director being brought on to mentor another, but not for just the re-shoots, you would expect that from day one wouldn't you? Perhaps that's what has been happening and we just haven't been told about it, or the media hasn't picked up on it, but they have now and it doesn't sound so good for the film.

Well actually we could look at it another way, the film is improving and making better some key sequences using the talent of Francis Lawrence. You see there's a big difference in the way the information is presented.

Unfortunately we don't know which way it is, although the information from Bloody Disgusting and First Showing does suggest that the raw footage that was seen at Comic-Con was already pretty good, so perhaps this is turning into the positive side of the story?



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