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Hoffman runs a cult

PhilipSeymourHoffman.jpgPhilip Seymour Hoffman is set to run a cult in a new film from Paul Thomas Anderson, the director of There Will Be Blood. The film, called Master, will see Hoffman playing the founder and leader of a new religious organisation in the 1950's. He will be known as “the Master”.

At the core of the film will be the relationship between Hoffman's Master character and his Lieutenant called Freddie, who is a drifter that joins the organisation when it is young, but when it grows in popularity he begins to question this faith and his Master.

Sounds interesting already, and it's hardly even been fleshed out. It does sound like it could provide some great material for Paul Thomas Anderson in terms of characters and script, and it really will give Philip Seymour Hoffman a chance to really act his heart out, and he's got a lot of acting in that heart.

According to the story in Variety, the film will focus more on the need to believe in something, and where that faith becomes something stronger, and more organised in religion. The article is quite clear that it won't be looking at “self-styled churches”, however I think that's something that's just going to come out in the film anyway, after all that's what the story is all about isn't it?

I think it might go a little further than that too, perhaps it will end up looking more at organised religion as a whole over the individual faith and beliefs that people have.

As yet it's unclear, and we'll have to learn more about the plot and the film to uncover that. However it does look set to touch on all religions that are organised and carry a charismatic leader at the forefront.

One thing is certain, with Hoffman at the lead there's definitely going to be a charismatic leader to the film itself.



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