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Hot Tub Time Machine trailer online

JohnCusack.jpgThe trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine is online and it's filled with hits and misses.

The idea is simple. Friends from college meet for a big reunion, hire a ski chalet, get in the hot tub, and accidentally discover that it's a time machine. Hey presto, welcome to the eighties and a lot of people they used to know and date.

Enter time paradoxes, sleeping with mothers, and all that kind of thing. On paper I don't think it looks that great, but some of the lines in the trailer are set-up rather well, although for me it finishes on a real flat note.

Still, I love the opening, and I wonder if this signals that the film could be a real mixed bag too? Still, it's got an interesting cast, and some bikini clad ladies, who's going to argue with that?

Here's the trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine, when did Chevy Chase get so old?



Some funny moments displayed there. Doesn't seem that there is much that we haven't already seen before. The time machine sounds the most interesting part but once that takes place it could be any other similar movie (I'm guessing).

It did make me giggle though.

Oh heavens, I feel old now! LOL


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