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Iron Man 2 clip shows War Machine and Whiplash

IronMan-Downey.jpgThere's a second promotional clip online for the Entertainment Tonight Iron Man 2 special, and while the first one was light on content and anything new since Iron Man, this one has a couple of glimpses of some new characters.

There's a little of the completed post production version of Whiplash and then Iron Man and War Machine side by side, helmets dropping, getting ready to fight.

To be honest this clip has very little of Iron Man 2, just a couple of shots to start the hype, but it's a step towards a much better trailer, something I really can't wait for.

The clip comes through TheMovieBox and Coming Soon, who don't give a direct link to the MovieBox video page. No matter, the video is embedded below and if you're an Iron Man 2 fan this is for you. Otherwise I would suggest waiting until we get the full trailer, or pause and step through screen by screen and find some of the hidden moments in the background.

If you do find them, give them a shout out here.



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