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Iron Man 2 trailer online

IronMan2.jpgIt's a short trailer, there's not much to it, but it does the job. The new trailer for Iron Man 2 gives us a little more air time than the television special promotional teaser that we saw the other night, although I have to say the ending feels a little of a let down considering we've seen it already.

In fact if you watch the television promotional teaser from the other day the trailer is there, just without the voice over and with a few extra seconds to each of the clips.

We already saw most of these shots so to see them all again in the main trailer is a little bit of a let down, there's not a lot of new stuff apart from the car getting ripped in two by Whiplash. Even the opening courtroom moment has been seen in previous clips. I do find myself a little let down by the trailer as I thought we might see something new.

There are some moments, and I do like the ending with Iron Man and War Machine side by side, but we just needed some more new stuff I think and this would have been a stronkingly good trailer.

See what you think, here's the Iron Man 2 trailer which you can see in high definition over at Apple Trailers. Let's hope for another one with some more footage as soon as possible.



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