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James Cameron to film in space

JamesCameron.jpgJames Cameron was once close to filming the most ambitious project of his life, even more ambitious than Avatar (Filmstalker review), and this was years ago. It was, believe it or not, filming on the International Space Station, in 3D.

Yes, and that's real space, as in up there, for real! I don't know about you but that idea really does make me excited. What would be even better if he was to make a film up there, but it's not clear exactly what he would have been filming.

Speaking about it at the recent Avatar press conference, James Cameron reveals that he was actually training with Russian cosmonauts getting ready to fly to space.

"I had it worked out with the Russians, with the Energia Corporation...I had a contract and I'd begun training, cosmonaut training, the early biomedical protocols and centrifuge stuff and all that...

...I had been working closely with NASA and we were going to do a... joint mission. I was going to go up and work on the International Space Station with our 3-D cameras."

Okay, I don't know about you but that sounds totally amazing doesn't it? A 3D documentary about space and the ISS filmed in the actual ISS as it floats around the Earth, and it's by James Cameron! Come on!!

However it never happened because they were working through the training and testing with the 3D cameras were happening at the Titanic wreck site when the attacks of September the 11th happened and Cameron decided to return home to his family.

Another opportunity presented itself and they were about to begin the project again when Space Shuttle Columbia exploded.

"I was on the NASA Advisory Council at that time. My first meeting of the NASA Advisory Council was right after the Columbia accident. My first official duty was to go to the memorial service in Washington."

You might think that the whole project is over, but not according to James Cameron through MTV.

"It's not the craziest thing in history...because the International Space Station is not currently planned to be funded beyond 2015. They've barely gotten the thing built, and now they have to have commercial people come in and figure out how to use [it]. So yeah, I absolutely think there's the possibility of something like that."

He goes on to talk about how the International Space Station is struggling for funding, and indeed Nasa itself is, so they are looking to commercial ventures in order to make cash, and that's where Cameron's eyes light up and he hints that film might be such a commercial venture that could offer them funding.

You know, he could still do it don't you think? However I would love it if he actually took up some actors and made a film aboard the ISS, forget the documentary. What do you think?



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