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James Cameron's next science fiction film

JamesCameron.jpgThere's a tiny piece of information just been released online regarding James Cameron's upcoming schedule, and it's another science fiction film from writer Shane Salerno.

Information is sparse on it, and while some are thinking this is a new project for Cameron and Salerno, others believe it could be a film that was announced last year from Salerno, The Doomsday Protocol.

The information we have so far is limited, and just takes the form of a Twitter from Production Weekly through Coming Soon that goes like this:

"James Cameron is developing a Shane Salerno-scripted sci-fi action script for Fox, described as an 'event' film set in the future."

That's not much to go on, and it could be a new script or it could be the previously announced Doomsday Protocol. If it was the latter then the story from back in September of last year said that the Shane Salerno written script was:

…a huge science fiction epic in the same vein as The Seven Samurai and a group of aliens and humans with various who are brought together to save Earth...wasn't that The Last Starfighter or Battle Beyond the Stars?

Sounds a great concept, but then there's no indication of which it will be, IMDB list both Doomsday Project and a new untitled collaboration between James Cameron and Shane Salerno. Perhaps someone will have the guts to raise the question with Cameron tomorrow at the Avatar press events and we'll get to hear more, and find out if he intends to direct or not.



No true lies 2?...

[the original true lies (1994) still remains one of the most powerful and memorable examples of a secret agent film in modern times]...

was it not rumoured recently Cameron would be returning to this more inticing material and would be welcoming back Arnold for a return?

[the new movie is rumoured to take place mainly in the areas of the south american jungle and will borrow some technical elements from the recently sucessful 'Colateral Damage' (2002)...

-the movie will carry additional weight as a second female agent is introduced to assist Harry in the retrieval of a 'special device' that may or may not be located in a deep river area - like classic bond movie 'spy who loved me' (1977)the picture promises to illuminate some 'special automotive technology' and introduce and an array of charismatic villians and main 'chief'...

[the main agents are rumoured to have some 'pyhic' abilities and the tone of the movie is rumoured to be more 'adult' with some spirtual 'elements' - referring to 'assumed' origins of ancient religions and little known cultures connected with this]...


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