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Korean Phone remake

Pon.jpgThe Korean horror film Phone by Ahn Byung-ki, one that I thought had some issues with the story and filming but that overall gave a good horror experience, is to be remade.

However this isn't going to be a straight Hollywood remake like The Ring, the production are actually going to try and make it more like the Grudge series, a collaboration between Korean and Western cinema.

The remake of Pon, simply called The Phone, is going to be directed by the original director Ahn Byeong-ki, which I find rather surprising, and will be made in Seoul next year. The production company behind the Twilight series is behind the film, Imprint Entertainment, and it's perhaps quite clear why they are doing this film, it's a horror film with teenagers and really plays on the mobile phone market. Win win all round I'd say.

Through Variety the director of both films says that he expects Korean horror to go the same way Japanese did:

"I thought Korean horror films would succeed in Hollywood once Korean directors steer the remake projects, just as 'The Grudge' and 'The Ring' series were succcessful…"

I think he's spot on, and there are some really strong Korean horror films that would be welcome of a bigger budget and better production, just as long as they aren't totally remade in Hollywood. Mind you, saying that The Ring worked out well didn't it?



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