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La Horde zombie trailer online

LaHorde.jpgThere's a trailer online for the French zombie film La Horde, a tale of cops, gangsters and zombies, or so the blurb says online, and it looks rather slick and bloody.

La Horde is a simple story of people trapped in a building during a zombie outbreak that soon becomes an apocalypse. Making up the diverse group, since there has to be one, are cops and drug dealers, the reason being was that there was an armed drug bust going down just as the zombies began attacking.

A friend saw it at a horror festival recently and was bitterly disappointed, however I know he prefers his horror rather old school and low budget, the festival fan kind of horror film. Me, I actually like the slicker horror, and I'm not yet sure which way this one is going to go. It's certainly treading some familiar ground though.

You can see the French trailer for La Horde right here via ShockTillYouDrop:

What do you think after seeing that? A little too by the numbers perhaps?



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