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Lee's black biographies dead, Inside Man 2 not

SpikeLee.jpgIt's amazing to think that while film projects from Spike Lee about Michael Jordan, James Brown and Joe Louis are failing to gain funding and have died, that one of his films making it through is Inside Man 2.

Of course it's all about money and returns, but as successful and good as Inside Man (Filmstalker review) was, I don't want to see a second film, I mean why would you? The whole idea of the film has already been seen.

I really don't understand what this can be other than hard cash, and let's face it that's the majority for everything in Hollywood business after all, but there's not a thought that the films about these figures might actually turn out to be rather successful in their own right.

Speaking to IGN through Latino Review Spike Lee says of the Joe Louis film, Save Us, Joe Louis, he says:

"I've been unable to get the financing. What's really sad about that is that I had made a promise to the late great Budd Schulberg that we'd get it done and Budd passed recently. He was 95. Budd being, of course, the screenwriter of On the Waterfront and the novelist of What Makes Sammy Run. Great, great, great, great writer."

One down. Okay, what about a more well known figure? Michael Jordan for example? Lee was reportedly working on a biographical film of the man:

"No, that has not happened yet so you can squash that."

Okay, what about the James Brown biographical film?

"Financing. I had the all-time biopic trilogy: Jackie Robinson, Joe Louis and James Brown. And I've not been able to get them to fruition yet."

What Jackie Brown too? All four of them dead? Oh well, at least we have a sequel to Inside Man going ahead, Inside Man 2, something we first heard about back in November of 2006.

"Waiting on Universal Pictures. They have the script. They have the budget and we'll see if they wanna make it. Denzel's ready. Clive Owen's ready. I'm ready. Jodie's ready. Everyone's ready. It's like, "Coach, put us in!""

So all the cast is lined up and the film is ready to go? As much as I enjoyed that film and thought that Jodie Foster was superb in it, I would rather see a biographical film about one of these other great names, wouldn't you? Especially from Spike Lee.



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