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McAvoy playing Sir Ian Fleming?

IanFleming.jpgAnother rumour, for there's not much concrete coming out of Hollywood at the moment, is that James McAvoy is to be the actor to play Sir Ian Fleming, the man who created James Bond.

From reading about it, this Ian Fleming project doesn't appear to be either of the previous one's we've heard about before, the Leonardo DiCaprio produced version nor the film about Fleming's lover.

This film will be based on the book Ian Fleming: The Man Behind James Bond, by Andrew Lycett (Amazon.co.uk / Amazon.com), a book that tells the story of the real life of Ian Fleming, the man who created James Bond and wrote some sixteen James Bond novels, two being published posthumously.

The rumour from Pajiba through JoBlo says that the script has been written by Matt Brown and that the production is looking for a director. Oh hold on a moment, they've chosen an actor before a director? Could that be happening here?

Well with the film being independently financed to something around US $40 million, you might think that the financiers have stepped in and demanded that the star be one to pull in the crowds, and James McAvoy would certainly do that, but before the director is chosen?

Remember the director could come in and we could see multiple rewrites of the script yet, and you would think an actor of the calibre and stature of McAvoy would now be allowed refusal depending on those rewrites.

Yes, I think it's very early to say he's on, even if he has signed up he'll have clauses dependent on director and future versions of the script, I would, wouldn't you?

It's an interesting thought, especially when you read the story of Fleming and discover the real man behind the spy.



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