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Micmacs trailer online

Micmacs.jpgJean-Pierre Jeunet has a trailer online for his film Micmacs, and a strange but hugely entertaining trailer it is too.

The film follows a man who is accidentally shot in the head and his life is totally changed forever. He's a little miffed and so he decides to go after the people who made the bullet that ruined his life. It stars some very talented French actors, and comes from the man who brought us Amélie, Alien: Resurrection, The City of Lost Children and Delicatessen.

I feel there will be some kind of redemption tale in here about revenge, how you have to value what you've got and not what you had, and all sorts of things like that, however it'll be done in a superbly unique and exciting way, that's for sure, you only have to look at the trailer to see that.

Unfortunately, once again, there is no embedding option so you have to head off to Empire through FirstShowing to see the trailer. I really do hate that. Put your advertising in the trailer by all means, but share it a little please. Instead you're forced into an extra click, my apologies. As soon as I can get it elsewhere, I will paste it below.

Micmacs looks interesting and the film is due to be released in March in the UK but it's already out there in France. What do you think? A welcome breath of fresh air?



This looks absolutely stellar. I love this guy.


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