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New How to Train Your Dragon trailer online

TrainYourDragon.jpgThere's some new footage in the latest How to Train Your Dragon trailer, and a bit more from Gerard Butler's character as well as the Dragon itself, and the story is now becoming very clear.

Basically it's about not continuing your battles and inheriting your hatred from your past and getting to know your enemies because they may not be your enemies after all. A nice message for a lot of conflicts that are going on around the world right now.

However, it's an animated tale that looks a lot of fun too, and that's despite the closing death knoll of the words “in 3D”, which is usually a sign of a film just going too far for me. I'll see it in 2D thanks and not pay the extra money for the privilege of seeing things fly at your face.

That aside, here's the new trailer for How to Train Your Dragon, and it tells quite a bit more about the story.



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