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New Inception trailer in English

Inception.jpgThe new trailer for Inception we saw recently has now come online in English, and what's more it's in high definition Quicktime to boot.

It does look spectacular, but the fact there was more footage and more dialogue made us think that there were some clues in the trailer, however on viewing there's not, and that's a damn good thing.

Inception is the kind of film you don't want to learn too much through a bundled trailer by the studio or some external company, what you want to be is intrigued right up until the film begins and learn along with the characters, those are the trailers I like, and this is how the new Inception trailer plays out.

It's making me even more excited about the film, and it's definitely way up my most anticipated films of 2010.

Want to see it in Quicktime high definition? Head over to Apple Trailers.



While I don't think we have another Memento at our feet, I can't wait to see this one. Maybe something on par with The Prestige (which I loved).

I'm still a bit impatient to know if Nolan will or won't direct the Batman though.

Oh my god. I'm sorry, I had a problem posting and it would seem I triple posted. Would someone remove the duplicates as well as this post please?

No problem Vash, all fixed!


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