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Next Tony trailer tells more

The previous trailer for Tony, the first online, was a bit vague about what it covered, but the blurb gave us much more. A man living a solitary existence in London tries to make some social connections with others and because of his demeanour he's treated with hostility or contempt, and either is often met with anger and sometimes violence.

Tony is a killer, a serial killer, and the new trailer reveals a lot more of that aspect of his life, and it's a scary existence too.

This trailer does well not to deliver too much of the film and the story, but to give you a strong indication of what Tony is capable of, and give it an edge of uncontrollability. Here's a blurb for the film itself from the Trailer Addict site:

Gerard Johnson’s dark, brutal, bleakly amusing psychological thriller has already drawn favourable comparisons to John McNaughton’s seminal Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer and features a star-making lead performance from Peter Ferdinando as the title character - probably the most alarming cinematic anti-hero since Taxi Driver’s Travis Bickle.

Then there's the trailer for Tony itself. It looks like a powerful little film, and suggests a strong performance from Peter Ferdinando.



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