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Nightmare on Elm Street reshoots

FreddyKruger.jpgThere's a bit of a ruckus online in some places about the news that there's reshoots on A Nightmare on Elm Street, some saying it doesn't matter, some saying it's terrible news, some saying it's now standard practice for Platinum Dunes the studio behind the film.

Looking back at previous stories about reshoots on other films, historically it's not a good thing when it comes to remakes and horror films. It's also not good news when it comes on the back of test screenings and the reshoots are because of what the audience have said after watching it.

In general though it doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing, but bringing in the fact that the film has been shown in a test screening and the changes are being made on the back of what that small, limited audience have said, it doesn't bode well.

We can all bring up examples of films that have had reshoots and turned out well, and we can certainly bring out examples of films that have had reshoots that have failed, but looking at the fact that this is a horror remake, it's gone to test screening, and the changes are being made for that audience reaction, the odds are stacked against it.

Apparently after the test screening the response was not so good, something we're hearing about on the Interflab just now, and opinions are split on the final piece of work.

Whatever the reason SpoilerTV through CHUD and ShockTillYouDrop have the story that the studio have decided to reshoot some scenes, or rather add some new scenes in, including adding in some new ancillary characters. Now to me that sounds even worse. The fact that something was completely missing from the first showing that they needed to add new elements into the story is a little bit of a step up from having to simply reshoot some scenes for dialogue, effect, or whatever reason.

I'm not trying to dish negativity on the film, after all these reshoots might turn out to be good, there appears to be something wrong or missing from the film that needs to be fixed, it's just that this sounds like a fair bit of an alteration than just a tweak or two.

What do you think? Are reshoots so bad? Is there really any reason to be concerned?



Reshoots are always deemed to be problematic, but that doesn't mean they are. I'm liking what I've seen so far from this remake and I'm sure(/hoping) these reshoots are for the better. Time will tell. One, two...

the original and third nightmare on 'elm streets' were the most terrifying...

[perhaps the producers should consider reworking the two of these movies to ensure a 'deeper premise' is maintained...]

wes cravens 'scream' franchise has shown that 'shock' horror can be maintained through persuing a different spectrum...
[lets hope the producers of the new picture are as attentive to the nature of freddy's murderous intentions/actions as they are to the charactisation details of his victims]...

obviously since scream the audience have been made aware of how chilling an opening can be...

[with this in mind the director needs to be aware of how to build up tension so we are not shocked for no particular reason...
i heard recently the new picture will take us to anceint cemetary grounds and will introduce freddy in'ghost' form to trick his victims into thinking that he is dead...

the new release is rumoured to be NC17 only?...

[does anyone know if this picture is competing with fright night reentry?]

[one two..[buckle my shoe]three four knock on the door...mmm knock on the door could be interesting?wes craven is rumoured to 'cameo' as the cable repair man for the 'freddy adult channel' segment...?]

like in part 2 there is rumoued to be some adult content?


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