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Paranormal Activity alternate ending

ParanormalActivity.jpgWell you can see why this ending wasn't used in the final theatrical release of Paranormal Activity (Filmstalker review), even though it is an interesting choice, there's no real drama in it, and if you look back at the story you might be wondering why this ending would work.

Still, the ending is online and you can see it right here. I will say however that this is a big spoiler if you haven't already seen the film, so step forward at your own risk.

This new ending for Paranormal Activity (Filmstalker review)) is an interesting choice, but I can see why it didn't work and they decided to go with the more “in your face” and hyped up ending, even if that didn't work well either.

I didn't take to the film, mainly because I wasn't scared and neither was my horror-adverse wife. It didn't work for me, although I could appreciate the tricks that were being employed, I just didn't feel truly scared by it.

Other people were though, and I wonder what they, and you, think of this alternative ending for the film. I bet none of you think it's better.

Now this isn't the highest quality version online, but it is the brightest, and that's more important I think than seeing quality and not really seeing what's going on.

The scariest part of this for me though was the screaming, the rest just passes me by.



I recently watched the movie along with my girlfriend and one of her friend. Being worked up from an evening long discussion on the subject, we were looking for a paranormal movie. While I certainly have my problems with many tricks the movie uses, I thought it was entertaining. As did my girlfriend. My girlfriend's friend on the other hand, she was scared out of her pants. At times she couldn't even look at the screen.

On our first viewing, we went for the original ending which worked but I wasn't crazy about it. Then we looked at the alternative ending and really were waiting for something interesting and were very disappointed. I think it was really weak and felt anti-climatic (not in a way that worked for the movie I mean).

On a side note; it always irritates me when movie characters immediately fall to the floor dead after slitting their own throat since the slither itself is not what kills someone in this kind of injury but rather the heavy loss of blood over time.


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