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Producer talks Gears of War

GearsofWar.jpgThe idea of a Gears of War film is superb, but the budget required to replicate the story told in the two video games we've seen to date is going to be huge, and for anyone who has played the game you'll know what I mean, it just looks too big.

Well the producer Wyck Godfrey has been talking about the film, and reminding us that Len Wiseman is the man set to direct, and some of what he says in the short clip sounds like a good way for the film to begin, and possibly for a franchise to start.

Rather than go for the futuristic battles seen in the video games, held across a futuristic and decimated Earth as seen in the video games, the film will be concentrating very much on Emergence Day, the event in the film when the aliens just appear from a complex series of tunnels that they have created within the Earth where they have been building their forces for some time.

The idea is that one moment they just appear, and it's about how humanity tries to survive in those opening days, presumably before Marcus Fenix and his teams arrive to begin fighting back, or maybe we'll see some of them nearer the end of the film. Here's the producer to talk a little more about it.

That comes from Making Of through JoBlo. What do you think? Short I know, but that's his concept for the film.

Would you want a Gears of War film that's focused solely on the Emergence Day event? I'm sure it will make a good disaster film with aliens destroying everything they see and humans trying to fight back, and it does sound and play out a lot like Cloverfield (Filmstalker review), doesn't it? Will you fans be happy with a film that doesn't feature Fenix and his team at the core?



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