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Romancing the Stone remake gains a director?

RomancingtheStone.jpgAccording to rumour the planned remake of Romancing the Stone has been out looking for a director and apparently has already approached one.

I wrote about the remake back in 2007, oh no that was Fool's Gold, I mean I wrote about the remake back in December 2008 when it was first announced, something that I thought was a very bad idea, and now it looks like it really is moving forward.

Earlier this year we heard that the remake of Romancing the Stone, which originally starred Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito was actually a sequel called Racing the Monsoon, and that it was Michael Douglas' production company that were working on the film with a script being developed from Daniel McDermott.

The question of it being a sequel or a remake is still rather valid, because a sequel would mean the original cast, and although I could see Devito and Douglas being interested, especially since the latter is the one producing it, I'm not so sure about Turner returning to the role where she played that fantastic character of the writer caught up in with a gung-ho adventurer in a quest to save her kidnapped sister.

It was a great film, and spawned a good sequel, but the chemistry, laughs and action with these three actors was superb, and helped along by the director, Robert Zemeckis.

Pajiba through Empire (both now with annoying full page advert pop-ups before the site) have the news that a director has been approached for the sequel, and that the director approached is Robert Luketic.

Now I'm not sure how accurate that will turn out to be, but it would kind of fit considering the films he's already made. I guess the question is will he accept, and more to the point is this a sequel or a remake?



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