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Roth turns to invading aliens

EliRoth.jpgNot only is Eli Roth making a film called Endangered Species, an alien invasion type film, but he's co-producing another alien invasion film called Invasion, described as a Cloverfield-esque story and based on a speculative script by Ben Magid, one of the writers who has worked on the upcoming Hack/Slash film.

Sounds interesting already, and there's a little blurb to go with that to give you more of a feel for it, and it reveals something decidedly "icky" about the idea.

According to the story the film really begins when an accident in a Los Angeles subway sees the survivors climb out of the wreckage to discover the entire city in ruins with a strange snow-like substance is falling. All the survivors are roaming in mobs and there are patches of acidic alien "goo" all over the city.

That's an interesting twist or two there, and I like the idea of the main characters of the film emerging from what they would at first believe to be an isolated accident and discovering the entire city devastated.

Mind you it doesn't really tell us what the rest of the film is about, what the attack is all about, and so on. Those details are being kept under wraps for now.

What we do know from TrackingB.com through ShockTillYouDrop is that Eli Roth and Eric Newman are producing, Ben Magid has written the speculative script, but there's no sign of a director as yet.

It does sound an interesting idea, and perhaps Eli Roth would consider directing if he wasn't making his own alien invasion type film. This seems to be the latest thing in Hollywood at the moment.



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