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Seven Days (Les 7 jours du talion) trailer looks intense

SevenDays.jpgWhile Seven Days (Les 7 jours du talion) may give the impression of being similar in theme to films about revenge and torture that we've seen before, there's one big difference, this isn't a Hollywood film, it's French, and that fills me with hope.

The reason for that is that there's so much more subtlety and intelligence in foreign film on the whole that this could well end up being a much more intelligent take on the whole concept, and the opening section of the trailer suggests that, although I still remain unconvinced about what the second half is.

The story is that a successful surgeon and his wife find their life shattered when their young daughter is found raped and murdered. The killer is found and arrested, but that is not enough for the father and he kidnaps the killer and holds him hostage.

He tells the police that over the next seven days he's going to torture and then kill the murderer of his daughter, and then he will turn himself in to them. That's where a police sergeant begins tracking down the father and his victim before events go too far, if they haven't already.

What I particularly love about this trailer is that it's all in French and even though I don't understand it all I can feel the intensity and power in the scenes.

The film stars Rémy Girard, Claude Legault, Fanny Mallette and Martin Dubreuil in the main roles, and is adapted by Patrick Senécal from his own novel. Daniel Grou directs.

It looks an interesting film, and I really do hope it's going to bring something intelligent to the genre that by now half of the critics in the western world are screaming about the film, after all they love a good genre defining catch phrase, however much it misrepresents a film.

Here's the trailer for Seven Days (Les 7 jours du talion):



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